Meet The Team

Techno Tape Printers is a leading manufacturer in the Tape and Label Industry. Our range of innovative packaging solutions gives your company’s products complete protection during handling and transit. From tamper proof, pressure sensitive BOPP, security printed tapes our commitment to quality, innovation and excellence has earned us the goodwill and loyalty of several customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

Techno Tape Printers is driven by one overarching vision, to be admired as a company that delivers complete customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a customized packaging solution, a reliable contract manufacturing partner or an opportunity to distribute our products, we are just a phone call away.


Our vision is to become Africa’s leading manufacturers in the printing industry by adhering to our core values of perseverance, truthfulness, humility and respect. We would like to be admired as a company that delivers complete customer satisfaction through a focus on quality, service and innovation.

Our Commitment

  • To demonstrate value through quality of products and service.
  • Invest in the most cost –effective manufacturing technology that will produce competitive products.
  • Adopt new information systems in order to provide excellent customer and sale service.
  • Remain a good-to-do-business –with company through friendly and responsive sales associates.

Stick with the Pros!