Techno Tape Feature on Etirama

This month saw the arrival of the first of the New Generation Superprint’s in South Africa. It was delivered at TechnoTape’s brand new dedicated label manufacturing facility in Pinetown.

Although already a manufacturer of self adhesive labels, Technotape had always maintained focus on their primary business activity, which was the importation, sales and distribution of packaging tape. This strategy paid off as Technotape currently ranks as one of the leading suppliers in this field.

20171110_untitled_0045-300x208That being achieved Nico, not one to rest on his laurels and doing things in half measures, felt that the time had arrived for his label facility to be elevated to a similar status.

As such he made a decision not only to, acquire dedicated new manufacturing facilities to create for the label to have its own separate identity, but also to re-invest in a new prime label printing press.

Choosing the Superprint has proved to be a really smart decision. Now, a few months on after installation, we remain amazed at the print quality and register capabilities off this press – Nico Maharaj – Owner

After considering several options, Nico visited Sao Paulo in Brazil and decided on the just-released New Generation Superprint from Etirama.